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This customer wanted to update her old bathroom, the 1970 style yellow tile and faded paint just didn't match the rest of her home.                                                                                   

She was able to have the shower tile replaced, the ceiling and walls repainted, floor tile replaced, towel and toilet paper hangers replaced and after paying the plumber to replace the shower pan, toilet, vanity, and shower valve spent under $4000.00 to have a complete bathroom remodel, needless to say she was   happy with the job, and the money she saved.  


This is a back splash we installed for a customer as part of a larger project  we can usually install a back splash for $220 to $500 


This job included installing and finishing four sheets of drywall, installing tile on the floor, putting new tile to completely cover  the walls, building a shower seat out of concrete block, and installing tile in the shower. The customer provided all of the material for this job and the labor price was only $ 2200.00


 This job was completed for a couple that had bought a home that had stained carpet in the living room.

The customer provided all the material for this job. The labor price to install granite Tile on the floor, fire place and to install a hearth was $ 1150.00. We also replaced the tile around the tub in the upstairs bathroom for $ 650.00

+ the material. 



 This job was completed for a home owner that had removed the existing tile and he installed new hardy board  on the walls. The customer needed an expert to install the tile. We were able to install tile on the bathroom floor and in the shower for only $ 950.00 the customer provided the material for this job.  


  On this job we replaced the carpet with laminate flooring to reduce the dust in the home. The customer provided the material for this job and the labor was $650.00


This is a 300 sq. ft. bamboo floor we installed for a customer. the material for this job was $ 1700.00

The labor was $675.00 to install the floor and $ 78.00 to install miss. trim.